Friday, September 15, 2006

Cables & Birds

I had a tough time trying take a decent picture of the sample I knitted with "mahogany". This is the best that I can do. I think it looks OK. The fabric is a little stiff. Oh well. It's only a swatch. I'll use larger needles when I am ready to knit something with it.

The neighborhood is filled with these trees. They are in bloom now.

Hummingbirds love them! You can hear the cute chirping all day. They chase each other around. I am not sure if it is to claim the tree or just being playful. Soon these trees will be filled with fruits, and the parrots will be here. They love breaking them open and eat what's inside.


Jane said...

Dear Jason,

The colors for that yarn are really quite beautiful! I would agree that you should use larger needles if you plan to do cables and you want it to be less rigid, but it still depends in part, on the characteristics of your yarn. I've used alpaca to make cable sweaters. You can knit it up very tight in cables but it is still very soft. However, the cables don't end up in as high a releif because its a soft yarn. It just depends on how much of a freak you are about those cables standing out:) Still, really good looking sample!

micah said...

nice looking cables! I'm geting ready! I'm going to scarf it up!

Awesome trees too! I love humming birds! They are so unlike anything else!

Marianne said...

I love your yarn, I know you've referred to it as 'blah' or was it 'bleh'? but I think it is fabulous, I love the colours. Great cables, btw. Your tree photos, lovely, more than lovely, yours is the third site I've visited today and it seems everyone has these breathtaking photos. What kind of trees are those?

aija said...

These are great outdoor photos! I really like how your handspun turned out; isn't it exciting to knit with your own? :)

Kerry said...

What beautiful flowers on the tree, and those thorny-looking growths on the branches. Do you know what it is Jason?

tadaahhh said...

that swatch you have with mahagony is absolutely amazing. the cable pattern along with the color and texture of the yarn is the perfect fit.