Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Another quick update!

Still quite busy. We are catching up on projects.

I am moving the blog to a new spot! Yes. Let me explain why.

I had a website dedicated to my Buddhist studies, forestmeditation.net. My old host, whom I shall not name, went through some changes and lost my domain name. It was suppose to be registered under my name but they did it with theirs. They discontinued their relationship with a well-known registrar and they didn't bother to help me retain my domain. I gave up after months of trying to get documents from them so I could reclaim it. In fact, they dropped my hosting account without giving me notice. They just didn't want to bother with it. Sounds bad, huh?

Well, I am kind of glad now. I decided to get a new domain name, forestmeditation.com, and going to a different hosting company. To my delight, they have a very easy and comprehensive control panel. They also have bunch of add-ons ready to be installed, including several blogs. So I moved my website over and even installed two WordPress blogs. JasonKnits, which is like this blog, and ForestBlog, which will be thoughts on Buddhist practice. Installing WordPress was quick and easy. There are unbelievable number of themes (templates) and plug-ins. It even imports from other blogs like Blogger.

I haven't spent much time tidying up the blogs. Importing was quick but pictures do not show up on the new JasonKnits. I will add them in later. I played around with adding links in the blogroll. You will only see a few at the moment. But please don't think that I dropped the others. I will get to adding them soon! :-)

So, any future blogging activities of mine will be over at my new home. Please come on over. It's a bit disorganized right now, but I will clean it up soon. :-)

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Dave Daniels said...

How very cool for your new start. I LOVE WordPress, it's the best one I've found, and I went through a ton of them. (If yo uhave any questions, just give a yell.)