Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tubular Cast-on Without the Waste

Look what I've found! This tubular cast-on looks so cool and so easy. I just found it, so I haven't given it a try. But I am already wondering, can this be used for knitting in the round? Like the technique used in "Hats On!"? In any case, there will be experiments! Fantastic!


beadlizard said...

Looks excellent -- thanks for the link. I hadn't known about that blog and really like it! Wonderful cat photos, too.

Ted said...

Well, Grasshopper, why wouldn't you be able to use it for circular knitting?

Or, assuming that you can, what changes would you have to make to convert it from working-in-rows to working-in-rounds?

Jason said...

You are welcome, Sylvia! :-) She has a beautiful blog, doesn't she? I found the link on the spinning guild's Yahoo Group page. The photos of the two kitties sleeping in basket are just too cute. :-)

Well, Ted, I haven't tried it, but I think it will work. Her tutorial shows knitting flat. After the setup you do knit one, slip one wyif. Repeat until the end of row. Turn and do the same thing.

For knitting in the round, first round, knit one, slip one wyif. Repeat to the end of row. Second round, slip one wyib, purl one. Repeat to the end of row.

I think this will work. But I'll have to try it to know. :-)

Tallguy said...

Yes, Jason, you will have to try it to know for sure. I often cast on for circular knitting and then knit one or two rows back and forth. Then I will join the ends to make it circular -- this is because I sometimes have trouble doing that first round and making a clean join. Okay, so then I have a very short (2 row) seam to do at the end, but what do you do with that tail anyway? It works for me, and that is the only reason I do it. Something to keep in mind -- you certainly could do the first two rows flat, as she does it, and then join the ends; there would be a short seam to do, but that is quite easy.

Now I have to go and try this one out too!!

Jason said...

Hi Tallguy! I hope to hear how this cast-on works for you. :-)