Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Andean Plying

Enjoy Andean plying but worry about cutting off circulation of your hand? Here's a trick:

Andean Plying Bracelet, Simplified

Thanks Rosemary!

On another subject. The post on how Ted modified "Violets of the River" is long overdue. I will organize the info as best as I can and post it either later today or tomorrow.


Dave Daniels said...

Thanks for sharing that. I wanted to comment to her on her blog, but she only allows Blogger members to comment. (I am not a Blogger member.) It's a great idea that she has, though.

Jane said...

Dear Jason,

Yes, do please post how you and Ted altered "Violets". It was so pretty that I may make one for the end of year church sale in my free (Ha) time. You selected a really lovely yarn for that shawl and anyone would love to wear it!

Jason said...

Dave! You can always create a Blogger account without creating a blog. I think you can set a link to your blog in the profile. :-)

Jane! Just finished that post. Phew! I hope it's clear. Let me know. :-)

Anonymous said...

I ran across Rosemary's method of adean plying using a Novel and a popsickle stick. How cleaver!
I was so impressed about this idea, I printed a copy of her page. Can't wait to show my co members in my spinning guild.

Hayward, California