Thursday, August 17, 2006

Quick Update

This is what I have after knitting 45 rows of Lotus Blossom. Everyday it is difficult to decide if I want to knit the shawl or spin. Both are equally pleasurable.

Lotus Blossom is not difficult at this point. Maybe Violets taught me a lot. I am not using a life line. Not yet. I think I am able to fix the mistakes with this pattern. I had to a few times already. Also, once you see how the design works, it is easy to spot mistakes. Size 8 needles and fingering weight yarn make it less intimidating too.

Anyhoo, that's the update. More later!

Oh, did you check out Ted's latest yarn creation? OMG!


Sachi said...

Looking just lovely! BTW, Icarus is similarly simple. But here's my problem... I made a mistake about 5 rows ago and I'm almost ready to start the edging so there are A LOT OF STITCHES on each row. I'm kicking myself for not putting in a lifeline. But, on the same token, I think I can weave one in and frog back. I was so mad at myself that I set it down and haven't picked it up for about a week.

My last S&B is next week. I'll be there tonight too. If you can't make it to either, Stick & Stone is throwing a party for me on the 31st! I hope to see you at one or the other.

Kerry said...

Lotus is loooking good. You spin and knit and still have time to go to work! ;-)

Jane said...


You are doing a wonderful job on your Lotus Shawl so far. Because you can actually see your stitches/errors on this size yarn, and you have a good understanding of your pattern, you may not need a lifeline at all. Just be sure that when you get to the really long rows towards the end that you check part way in the row to check for errors. Picking back hundreds of stitches because you have no lifeline is a real pain! You may want that lifeline when you reach the change in the pattern towards the outer edge as it will be more complicated than what you are doing now. As for spinning, you are a Zen kind of a guy so spinning is not just productive or fun, it's an avenue of meditation too! It's time to clone yourself!

Oh yeah, Ted is insanely good at his spinning:)

Andy's Crafts said...

Looking great Jason, thanks for sharing

Jason said...

Thank you guys and gals! :-)