Monday, February 06, 2006

Brioche Hat - Finished

Brioche hat is done! I made a few mistakes on the crown, but the pattern is quite forgiving. They are not noticeable to me. It is quite fun. The body is very easy to knit, but the crown is a challenge. The instructions in the book is a bit difficult to follow. While doing the decreases I had to experiment to find the right ways. In the end it turned out nice I think. Now, I used leftover yarn for this. I can't wait to use the intended yarn and start a new one. But it will have to wait until I finish the heart pillow that I'm making for mom.

I will take a pic of the hat being worn soon. When the fabric streches the pattern looks a bit different. Well actually, my partner will have to take that pic when I wear the hat. Meaning that I will have to wait until he's good and ready!

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