Saturday, June 24, 2006

The first time...

... ever I saw my face... IN BLOND WIG!!! YIKES! I'm sure you'll figure out which one is yours truly in the picture below.

I went to my first WeHo S&B meeting last Thursday. I had been thinking about going for months, but the thought of driving in the usual heavy traffic put me off time after time. Then I met Sachi through the blog world. With a little prodding from her I finally decided to brave the traffic and head out to meet the other knitters in the area. Well... actually... I made my partner drive. LOL Hey, it's my first time! I didn't want to get all flustered from fighting through the traffic. I'm a nervous driver! :-)

I did get an email earlier in the afternoon from Sachi, with a little warning. It was Laurie's birthday and it was going to be "wig night". (Oh oh.) Be prepared to wear one even if I show up wigless. Well, ha, I didn't take that seriously. I went wigless and as you can see, I didn't stay wigless. LOL I was so wrong to think that they would take it easy on a newbie. LOL

By the way, being an extreme introvert, I was too shy to approach the birthday girl to wish her a happy birthday. So Laurie, if you happen to read this little blog, "Happy Birthday!!!"

It was a blast! Of course, the fact that there wasn't a decent mirror at hand, I had no idea what I looked like. Here's one picture of me that just might give you nightmares at night. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw it. Oh gosh, just to think, there are a few of these photos of me floating around out there in the blog world. Oh lordy!

Oh, Sachi, since you kept your promise by posting a lovely picture of me. Here's one of you. hehehe Actually, it is a great picture! Unfortunately I did not think to bring my camera. I will not forget next time. Watch out!

Here are a few more pictures of the fabulous people:

Thanks Sachi, Ellen and Mr. Larry for the Kodak moments! :-)

Now that you've seen some incriminating photos of me. May I ask you please to erase those images from your mind? LOL In an attempt to help you see me in a better light, I present to you this old photo of mine:

The twenty-something me. At least 20 pounds lighter. Wouldn't you rather remember this face instead of "Scaralyn"? Oh, I forgot to mention, that's the name that Darcy fondly gave my alter-ego in blond wig. LOL

Hmmm... the twenty-something me had a really bad perm. Well, how about this. Let's go back further in time. I don't know what age I was when this photo was taken. This is me at my mom's hometown, Yi Lan, in Taiwan. Wouldn't this be a better picture to remember? LOL


Knit Picking said...

What a neat idea to wear wigs! That must have been a blast. Aren't you glad you went? I hope you go again, and have just as much fun.

Your childhood picture is just adorable!

Sachi said...

Hee hee! But OMG, did you have to post one of me???? LOLOL!!!

gerald said...

oh.mi.god. What a fun time you must have had! You look fab.u.lous! Really. And it was nice for your partner to drive.

Now I've got the giggles about the blond and then blue hair. That could be a fun night out.

Charles said...
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Kerry said...

Well, you sure had some fun, you S&B virgin, you! I think you were very brave Jason, good for you. Do you think it is time to update your blog photo? ;-)

aija said...

Oh man, great wigs all around! And thanks for sharing the way back when pics, I love them :)

laurie said...

You were too cute for words!

I do wish you would have come over and talked to me, though. I get a little paranoid when people refuse to speak to me. I wonder, "Do I smell? Do I offend? Am I so crazy people think it may be contagious?" Not good! ;)

I love you in that wig!

Jason said...

Knit Picking, thanks! I will definitely go again. But I'll have to take something easy to knit. Nothing that require your full attention. :-)

Sachi, oh yes, I had to. Thank goodness someone else had a camera. hehehe It is a great picture of you! :-)

Gerald, thanks! My partner couldn't believe I put a wig on. He went away to read and took a while to find me amongst the crowd when he came back. LOL Will I see wig party pictures from you soon? :-)

Charles, thanks! :-) The meeting is every Thursday at 7PM. You can find more info and a calendar here:

Kerry, thanks! :-) I don't think the bio photo will change anytime soon. LOL

Aija, thanks! :-) I enjoyed your photo memories too. Adorable!

Laurie, thanks! Once again, Happy Birthday! Sorry for not coming over. I get insecured when I meet people. :-) Next time I won't hide in my little corner. Other than getting up for our solo photo shoots, I don't think my butt ever left the seat. LOL See you soon!

Dave Daniels said...

Was that our little Sachi? She's so adorable! That's a great picture.
Dude, there are some of us that can not go out in drag...just sayin' There are better looks. Bwahahahaha>

Agnes said...

That looks like a fun group of knitters! Why didn't you try on the Hallowig? :)

Jason said...

Oh yes Dave. That's our little Sachi! She's even more adorable in person. I don't know why she worries about her pictures getting posted. :-)

Now, it's a different story with MY pictures. But Dave, I DID NOT even try to look like a woman. :-P LOL

Agnes, I was given a spare wig. No choice. LOL Toward the end of the party we started trying on each other's wig just for fun. :-)

Clyde said...

Not that he could look like a woman if he tried.

ted said...

I dunno; I thought the wig was rather becoming in a Kinsey Sicks kind of way.

And look: a picture of Clyde. Nice to see what he looks like.

Jason said...

Ted! Ted! TED!!! How's the vacation so far?

What? Progress report? Right. Ummm... working on it. I've been avoiding taking photos. It's my plan to do it this afternoon. Honest. :-)

Ha ha. Kinsey Sicks. I didn't know about them. They have a website:

Shananigans said...

Awww, you were the cutest little boy! Not that you aren’t still cute (especially with a wig on) but you know what I mean. I completely understand about the traffic getting to the Farmers Market, bur it’s so worth it in the end. My new resolution is to go to SnB once a month. Hope to see you around! Oh, and Laurie, sorry if I didn’t come and talk to you either but you looked like you were quite busy with your birthday celebrating and I didn’t want to be intrusive. You don’t smell bad at all :)

Jason said...

Oh Shannon. ::blush:: The good thing is that parking isn't so bad once you get there. And you can't beat being at the Farmer's Market. FOOD!!! :-)

Elemmaciltur said...

Hey, I'm sooooo jealous that you (kinda) have met Laurie!!!

And you're Asian after all...I was wondering about that.

Faith said...

Jason - definitely come back! Everyone's talking about you as a blonde!!!!

Jason said...

Hey Elemmaciltur! Rally bad of me for not saying hi to Laurie, huh? YOu didn't think that I was real Asian? Why? LOL

Hey Faith! It was really good talking to you last Thursday! Thanks for being the first one to welcome me there! Great people, great place! I definitely will go back again and again. :-)

Elemmaciltur said...

Well, I wasn't sure whether you were Asian from you profile picture.

Spinning Girl said...

I want to have a wig night! No reason ... just to have it.

Hopped here from Kendra;s.

I love men who knit.

Jason said...

Hi Spinning Girl! Thanks for stopping by! :-)