Monday, June 19, 2006

What's Kerry knitting?

Kerry in Australia doesn't keep a blog. He told me he was working on socks for friends and I just couldn't resist asking for pictures! One of these days he'll get sick and tired of me screaming, "PHOTOS, PHOTOS!" :-) Anyway. I forgot to ask what pattern he was using for the two-color-knitted sock at the bottom of the picture. BUT, the top sock is Broadripple done with yarn hand-painted by Dave. I think they are just fantastic, don't you? :-)


Dave Daniels said...

Oh, I can't believe you got kerry to send you pics! I wondered if he knitted. Kerry, you dog! Both socks look great. I especially like the red and green, VERY nice pattern. Yay, Kerry. (Jason, tell him he needs ot get a blog already!)

Kerry said...

Your chevron lace scarf looks beautiful, Jason. What yarn is it?

Thanks for putting my socks photo on your blog.The pattern for the lower sock I made up, just alternating knit stitches in rust and charcoal (difficult for me to get an accurate colour, Dave :) ) They are for a friend with cold feet, so I did them Fairisle style so there is a double thickness of our 8 ply (your DK, I think). Dave's yarn is knitting up very nicely. I tried it first on 2.5mm needles but the fabric was too tight, so I went up to 2.75mm and it is great.(I don't swatch!)

As to having a blog, I don't think I could keep up with you guys ;-)

Knit Picking said...

The Broadripple socks look great, and not that difficult to knit either. Thanks for posting the link.

I really like the striping at the top of the reddish sock. Reminds me of one of my favorite pair of socks growing up (my best friend's mom had made them just for me).

Kenny said...

wow, i need to get some yarn from dave.

Jason said...

Hey Dave, I love how the colors knit up in Kerry's sock! About getting Kerry to start a blog, you got his answer! :-) Maybe if I bug him more about photos, he will give in and put them on a blog. LOL

Hey Kerry, you are welcome. :-) As for the yarn for the scarf, all I know is that it's from Brown Sheep Yarn. There was a tiny tag that came with it that has the dye lot number. But I couldn't find it anymore. LOL

Hey Knit Pikcing, you are welcome! :-)

Hey Kenny, Dave sure has a good selection of yummy yarn! :-)