Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Knitting did happen!

I realized that I was missing a few photos in my last post. You might wonder if there was knitting at the S&B WeHo at all? Well, here:

And yes, that last one is of our famous Sachi helping Laurie Ann knit her first sock. You see, knitting did happen last Thursday. It was hard to focus, but it DID happen. :-)

There are more photos on Ellen, Sachi and Laurie's blogs. But I have to warn you. "Scaralyn" is not a pretty picture. LOL


Sachi said...

Doh! I think you win.

Jason said...

I won? I won!?!?! What's the prize? LOL

Laurie Ann said...

Wow. I've never been so famous before. I've been featured on four blogs this week. So much for my low profile. Also, I don't think I'll be wearing a tank top to anymore SnB's. Darn photojournalists.

You come back and bring your complicated knits with you. It's not always so crazy.

Jason said...

Hi Laurie Ann! You look great in those pictures! Those darn photojournalists are stealthy. I had no idea there were so many photos taken. LOL