Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Progress Report

Work has been crazy. Not only is there a lot to do, there are so many different things that it is difficult to keep track of what's next. Thankfully, projects are being done one by one. I am really looking forward to take some time off for 4th of July. Yay!

You might not think that I knitted much with work being so busy. Well, not true. Actually, I found that knitting after work relaxes me. I think I've gone past the anxiety for new knitting projects. I'm enjoying being in the moment with whatever that's in my hands. I'm finding that calm meditative experience, which is why I picked up knitting in the first place.

Anyway, here are some pictures and words on my knitting progress:

That's "Violets" with 15 rows of violets completed. I even managed to do three rows of knitting at last week's S&B WeHo. Luckily they were just plain stockinette rows. Nothing fancy. But I won't be taking "Violets" to S&B again. Not a good idea. LOL

This is the LTK Afghan Square Eight. It is named "Rose Fabric". It's quite easy to knit with only 30 stitches across. I also tried knitting this at S&B. Another bad idea. I was really fascinated with how it worked that I did not know what was going on around me. LOL

This is a close-up of "Rose Fabric". I can definitely see why this stitch pattern got that name. All those little rose buds.

This is LTK Afghan Square Nine in progress. It's the first square in Section II, Mosaic Patterns. The name is "Horizontal Chain". I did not like knitting this way at first. The fabric felt a bit stiff. But as I watched the pattern form, I got more excited and interested. This is my first real two-color knitting project that's not just stripes. I'll have to take it to someone and see if it is done right. But blocking will make it better, right? :-) After this one is done, it's back to "Violets" for the finish.

Kerry's two-color sock has a mate! Yup! They are done and given to the intended recipient. It is a happy ending. :-) Don't they look great?

Here's an "inspirational package" from my mentor Ted. A sample pack from Heirloom Knitting. It also came with a sample pattern to go with the yarn. To be honest, it inspires and terrifies at the same time. LOL But I must tell you that I woke up the next day thinking about knitting with it. Good sign, right?

The package contains yarn so fine that I get so nervous whenever I handle them. One is Mohair and the other silk. Took me a long time just to find the yarn end of the silk yarn to take a comparison photo with a lace weight yarn. See picture below. The red is KnitPicks' Shadow that I am using for "Violets". The white is the silk yarn from Heirloom Knitting. Silver coin is One Thai Baht. I think it's about the size of an US nickel. Sorry. I couldn't find any US coins. My partner used them all at the store. :-)

Isn't that out of this world? As Ted gently stated in his letter, I am not ready for it yet. BUT, it will inspire me to work on acquiring the skills to take on the challenge. Oh yes, I will fondle them often, THROUGH THE BAGS, and imagine myself knitting one of the finest lace ever... Ahem, earth to Jason. One step at a time. :-)

Oh just to let you know, in July Ted will be knitting the Wedding Ring Shawl with yarn so fine like this. That's on top of knitting The Princess Shawl. Sheesh! I'll be a nervous wreck just watching on the sideline. LOL

Correction, 9:00 pm: I have forgotten about the unfinished Valentine's Heart Pillow that was knitted using Intarsia. So, I did do color knitting before. LOL I wonder why that completely slipped my mind. Hmmm...


aija said...

I love those squares!!

Oy, such fine lace yarns. I get nervous just *thinking* about lace :)

Jason said...

Aija, you gotta try it! You gonna love it! :-)

Charles said...
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Sachi said...

OMG you've made so much progress! That's amazing! I feel like I've been knitting in circles (no pun intended) on the 3 pair of socks I've got going. I had to rip one pair so many times over the weekend that I'm just depressed about it.

Kerry said...

Jason, I think your work looks GREAT.The rose bud looks an interesting stitch and 'violets' is coming along beautifully. This is going to be a very interesting Afghan when it is finished. And I like the Mosaic too. I only take very simple knitting to our group, nothing that needs concentration, too much talking going on LOL. Have you read "It's my party and I'll knit if I want to" by Sharon Aris, it's a light hearted look at the knitting renaissance, lent to me by a woman in our group.

Jane said...


You are doing a terrific job on the current lace project so try to enjoy the moment! I have confidence you will eventually get to that very fine gossamer weight yarn. You have plenty of time.

Jason said...

Charles, thanks! All I can say now is that the yarn exists. LOL Ted is definitely knitting with it. I won't have to worry about it just yet. :-)

Sachi, thanks! Working squares are way faster than socks! :-) Each one teaches you a new technique too so it fascinates. Why are you ripping so much?

Kerry, thanks! 63 squares to make up this afghan. Each one is a little different. Sometimes very different. I just hope that I know how to put them together. I wonder how long it will take to complete it. Years? LOL That book sounds interesting. I have it added to my wish list. Thanks! :-)

Jason said...

Hi Jane! Thanks for the very kind words of encouragement! :-) I love your blogs and all the things you are doing! A LOT of things! Wow!

Kathy said...

Jason, I am going to be knitting the wedding ring shawl myself soon, I have the samples that came with the pattern, about 8 different types, even I was breathless touching that stuff, and I am working on the Princess shawl. HK patterns are fantastic, especially the simply stunning line. I have made a few of them, and will knit the same one twice this year. They are definitely something worth working towards.

The violets is gorgeous, I just love that colour, I have knit a hazel carte pattern before, the legend of the shetland seas, her work is stunning.

Elemmaciltur said...

*LOL* You used a 1 baht coin! And I'm Thai...what a coincidence.

Wannietta said...

I'm not a real fan of mosaic fabric either - but it is sturdy and great for things like pillows.

Dude - you'll be knitting with lace-weight and lighter thread in no time. Lace is very addictive and with blocking can be quite forgiving to tension variations. You also get a higher knitting time:$ invested ratio.

Kenny said...

Wow Jason, you sure have been keeping real busy. Nice to see where all your time is spent.

I just needed to leave a comment because I REALLY REALLY like the rosebud pattern. It's just too cute. Maybe I should get her book.

Jason said...

Hi Kathy! Wow, you are working on so many projects that are on my to-do list. I definitely have to keep an eye on your blog. Especially on the Princess and Wedding Ring! You are a serious lace knitter! :-) I also love the dye job you did for the Peacock! That pattern is on my wishlist. Oh, and thanks for the kind words! :-)

Hey Elemmaciltur! I must had thrown those coins in my camera bag when I visited Thailand last November. :-)

Hi Wannietta! Great idea about the pillows! I'll have to try that one day. You are so right about the time:$ ratio on lace. Not that I am cheap or anything. But I gotta have some control on yarn buying. This helps! I think it's been at least two weeks since my last purchase. Not bad, eh? :-)

Hey Kenny! It's nice busy when you are knitting. :-) The LTK books is great for learning. 63 squares to play with. And squares are so quick to knit. :-) The only thing is that I'll have to figure out how to put the squares together!

ted said...

Violets is looking really good. :-) But it will require concentration, so trying to to work it at a S&B is probably not a good idea.

Andy's Crafts said...

Knitting squares, it's a fascinating vulcan art. I knit infrequently, but I see your squares are very nice.

a mano yarn center said...

Hey Jason - You missed our anniversary party! Check out the photos on our brand new blog. Come by soon, we miss you!

Jason said...

Thanks Ted! :-) Rest assured that I won't be doing lace at S&B. I'm not doing so well with stitching and b*tching at the same time. LOL I really need to find something easier to do at the meeting. Maybe simple socks? :-)

Thanks Andy! You are always sweet and fun. :-)

Hi Shannita! (I'm guessing that it was you.) Sorry that I missed the party. The photos are great!!! Love the new blog. I'm coming in soon. Very very soon. :-)