Thursday, May 11, 2006

It's about time!

The "Two Socks at Once" Class Socks are done! It seemed forever. Four weekly classes plus one break in between. Then I caught the lace fever. Phew! They are done!

Pattern: no pattern
Method: two socks at once with magic loop
Needle: one Addi Turbo US #1, 47"
Yarn: Jawoll Color Superwash, color 820080

I really love this way of sock knitting. It sucked in the beginning. But you really do get used to it after a while. Definitely the most portable way to knit socks. Now I just have to find out how to adapt this method for patterns using DPNs. Possible?

I learned a new trick. During our last class Kathy showed us how to avoid creating little "peaks" at either end of the toe when doing the kitchener. Well, I didn't get it. So I did a quick search on google and found this site:

It's not the same technique but the result is similar. Can you see the difference in the pictures below?

I won't attempt to explain the technique. That would probably end in disaster. Just click on the above link and scroll down to "GRAFTING THE TOE AND FINISHING THE SOCK" to read about it.


Emma said...

They look great. All the stitches are so precise. And such an efficient way of doing things. I need to learn that technique.

Dave said...

Congratulations - the socks look wonderful. I really like how the colours turned out, with no weird pooling or striping. They look like they fit perfectly!

Dave Daniels said...

Jason, Those are beautiful! I like to toes on them too. But the yarn, it's REALLY great. Love the coloration. When the page loaded and the photo cam ein, I was just "gah" over it!

Knit Picking said...

Nice job on the socks. I love the color! I've been reading about the "Two Socks at once" but I am too set in my knitting ways, or been too chicken to try it. I might get tempted to try it now...

Celtic Knitter said...

Oh, those are great!! I just love the colour! You got me thinking . . . maybe I should go to some of those knitting classes. That might be good for me. Nice work!!

Oh yeah, and sexy legs (again) . . . hee hee :)

Jason said...

Emma, thanks! You have to try the technique. Search on Google and you will find a couple of ways of knitting two socks at once with magic loop.

Dave, thanks! They design the colors in such a way that even the heel flaps don't exhibit different color hehavior. Very interesting. The socks are ready for a wash now. Let's hope they survive it well. :-)

Dave D., thanks! Isn't this yarn something else? I wonder if they have another colorway that patterns the same but in different colors. I think you made something similiar, no?

KnitPicking, thanks! Do try the magic loop with two socks. At our first class EVERYONE complained about the awkwardness of knitting this way. But we all came through. And I think most of us really enjoy it. I do.

Charles, thanks! It really depends on the pattern, some of them may not be possible with magic loop. At least not possible FOR ME at this time. I would prefer magic loop whenever possible. I'll have to play with different patterns and see.

Magic loop is not faster. It just lets you finish the pair together without the possibility of getting bored after only one sock is done. You are going to a sock class soon, right?

Matthew, thanks! Classes are fun. You always learn something new. And making new friends is always nice. Sexy? I tried not to expose myself as much this time. Honest! :-)

Kerry said...

Hi Jason, the socks turned out beautifully, they look great. I must look at that link as I get a peak at my finishing end but cheat by almost pulling it inside the sock! :)

Agnes said...

Your socks really look comfortable! I like the colourway too. :)

Tallguy said...

I have to disagree with you on a couple points, Jason.

First, you can convert ANY pattern for anything to one circular needle. I've done it -- I know.

Second, I do think that two socks on one circ is faster, since you don't have to stop and try to determine what you did on the first one (if you make changes like I do)! And with one half sock on the needle, you don't have to stop and change needles like you do with dps. I learned on dps, knitting with 5 needles, so the conversion only made sense to me.

And finally, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! You are never too old to learn new techniques; you need a patient teacher and the willingness to try a new approach. We do like to settle into our own ways, however inefficient. Just take a chance and try a new experience. We all need to be nudged out of our comfort zone -- even me.

lexa said...

Beautiful socks! I love the bright colors. I will have to check out the link. I usually get a "peak" on one side of the toes, but not the other!

Jason said...

Thanks Kerry! I used to pull those peaks inside too, but some time they pop back up. LOL

Anges, thanks! :-)

Hi Tallguy! I'm glad that you found it possible to knit two socks at once on one circular needle with any pattern. I really love this method of sock knitting. So portable.

You are right about it being faster. My mistake for only taking into account how many stitches are involved and not the other details.

Lexa, thanks! :-)