Thursday, May 04, 2006

Time Flies

Tomorrow is the last day of sock class and I still have about 2 inches to knit on each sock. How did it get to this? I had two weeks and I thought it would be no problem. *sigh* Guess it's sock knitting tonight.

"A Gathering of Lace" arrived today! I have been anxiously waiting for it since last week. What a book! I only leafed through it quickly but was really loving what I saw. So weird. Not too long ago I didn't think I would ever do lace. But now I can't wait to try all of it! The night before I laid in bed, head filled with lace knitting. Sleep woudn't come. I knew I couldn't wait for my order of yarn to arrive, so I started a trial run with the pattern I chose. You know, just to see how it is. Here's the result. Can you guess the pattern?

Did you guess it? It's "Violets by the River" Shawl. Sorry for the backlit picture. I thought the light would show the pattern better. Keep in mind that this was done with sock yarn instead of lace yarn. I didn't bother to pin it down either. The picture is actually upside down. I was holding the piece by the tip of the triangle and letting the needle's weight stretch the fabric a bit. But it really needed to stretch more to look proper. I think this is OK. I hope with the correct yarn it will be better.

The right edge of the fabric seems to be a bit loose. I wonder if this is normal? Will it be corrected through blocking? Actually, there will be border around the edges. Maybe it's not too important.

I have not gotten a circular needle for the project yet. I am thinking Addi Turbo with the flexible cord, but I don't know if I will like the super slippery needles. Maybe I will be better off getting Inox or Susan Bates. Any idea?


Kerry said...

You are as impatient as I am Jason :) , but otherwise it is looking good.


Agnes said...

So, how do you like lace knitting? I love the pattern you chose ... there is one second of the borders of the Sampler Stole similar to that and I think it is lovely.
Experiences of many lace knitters - the points of Addi are not sharp enough and depends on what yarn you use, the Addi may just be too slippery. Grumperina has posts on choosing needles for lace ... you can go and have a look. I bought Susan Bates Quicksilver for Sampler Stole and I like it.

Celtic Knitter said...

Oh, that's awesome! I'm so jealous at how nice yours looks!! I aspire to your greatness!!

Andy's Crafts said...

Great work, very nice, thanks for sharing

Dave said...

Jason, that lace is absolutely lovely. You are SO ready to join the Amazing Lace. Besides, it's about the journey; right?

Jason said...

Thanks Dave! Those bi-weekly challenges sound scary to a beginner. LOL Maybe I'd watched that TV show too much in the past. :-)