Friday, May 19, 2006

The real violets

It's been a long long week. After last weekend's events I was left with very little energy throughout most of the week. Very little knitting. But that did not stop me from knitting a little on the "Violets by the River" shawl with the intended yarn that arrived 10 days ago. I am using KnitPicks' Shadow in the color Sunset. 100% Merino Wool. I can't tell you how much better it is knitting lace with lace weight yarn. I mean it looks so much better. A bit scary with very thin yarn. But I shouldn't complain. Many others are using sewing-thread-like yarn for their projects. Just look at this. You can hardly see the yarn Ted is using for the Princess.

OK, here's a picture of my work on the Violets so far. Only five rows of them but you can see that it's definitely better than sock yarn. :-)

Other than the concern of making mistakes when the shawl grows wider, I am also concerned that the right edge is not as neat as the left edge. It's a bit loose compared to the left. I got the same thing when I was using sock yarn for tests. Hope this will be corrected during blocking.

Oh, that ball of yarn, it took me an hour winding it by hand. LOL And I have another hank to do. I don't own a ball winder or a swift. Guess I should get them if I want to do more lace! My partner is going to roll his eyes when those show up.

Oh, hey, Gerald, thanks for sending all the lace goodies. It's a stack of treasures! I'm going to have fun reading about the history, the different lace styles and all those project ideas! It's funny that I feel that I know of the "conference". But I just can't think of where I've heard about it.


Celtic Knitter said...

Maybe that is why I hate doing lace so much . . . I should try that yarn and see if it feels any different.

Agnes said...

Definitely get the ball winder and swift ... even if your partner's eyes roll onto the floor! It took me more than 3 hours trying to wind one Alpaca Cloud hank into ball and all I got were tangled yarns!
The colour of Shadow you chose is very delicious! Reminds me of strawberries!

Jason said...

Matt, just be patient when you do it. :-)

Agnes, I know now how frustrating it is to unravel with this yarn. Must be similar to what you experienced with Alpaca Cloud. LOL Hmmm... the color does look like the inside of a strawberry. How nice. :-)