Friday, May 26, 2006

Still here!

I'm still here. Work has been super crazy. We are working to completely redesign one of our web sites to reflect a name change. It needs to be done by July 1st. Lots to do. Also, our team is spread out in 3 different places (2 states). It takes time to do all the communication stuff. We use Skype a lot. Hey, we save money wherever we can. :-)

I am doing a lot of Dulaan knitting. My plan was to practice Continental knitting at the same time, but it really slowed me down quite a bit when I did purling. I guess it would be a while before I get used to it. So back to English knitting. Only got about a month to get them delivered. No time to fool around.

So far I have one double-thick hat, one scarf and 1.25 mittens done. Lots more to do.

Ah "Violets". That picture I posted a couple of posts back? The one that showed 5 rows of lovely violets? Gone!!! I ripped it. I did another row of violets with the TV on at the same time. BAD move! I didn't make any mistake, but my tension was all over the place. The violets turned out in all different sizes. There was no way that I was going to keep it, so I took it off the needle and started ripping it. I ripped and ripped to just above the good violets. Looked at the knitting and just rolled my eyes. Fudge! I had no idea how to put it back on the needle. *scream* Oh well, nothing left to do but rip it completely. So it went. A lesson on impermanence.

So, is the "Violets" back on the needle? Nope! But I have been practicing different techniques that I will be using with the "Violets". I got lots of help from Ted. He modified the pattern a bit to make the right and left sides of violet pattern looking balanced. Remember my complaint about one side looking looser than the other? That is solved now. Thanks Ted! You are truly a genius!

Oh, I will be using a "lifeline" this time around. I didn't think I needed that. *eyes rolling* Duh! Anyway, I went out and got two balls of cotton crocheting yarn just for this. They will be quite nice for making markers too! Photo updates soon.


Agnes said...

I used Skype to call my parents in Hong Kong too ... really good deal! The only complaint is that my parents said they heard echoes on their phone.

Celtic Knitter said...

Hey, thanks for the link on impermanence. This will make for a good read.

beadlizard said...

My friends in Kathmandu called me on skype the other day. My DH uses it all the time to speak and send files to and from India. If you get a noise-cancelling headset the sound quality is astounding.

As for purling Continental, a lot of people will knit Continental and purl English. If you have the correct hand positions, you can knit as fast in pure English. Was your goal simply to learn, to achieve speed, or to train your hands for carrying four colors?

Love your May 20th swatch. Lovely work! --Sylvia