Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Quick Dulaan Update

A quick progress report on my Dulaan knitting:

1. One Cameo Faggot Stitch Scarf in Rowan Big Wool. Thanks to Gerald for donating the yarn, and TallGuy for pointing out the pattern.

2. One pair of Mittens done in Classic Elite Maya (yarn donated by Gerald). Pattern from Ann Budd's The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns.

3. One double thick hat. The yarn is Bernat's Softee Chunky. Pattern by Norma. I made it larger.

4. One hat in Rowan Big Wool (yarn donated by Gerald). Work in progress. Pattern from Ann Budd's The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns.


gerald said...

Those look great!

Ariannah Armstrong said...

Excellent work. I really like the hat!

Ariannah in Nova Scotia

Jason said...

Thanks Charles! You should try the mittens. It was my first pair and quite fun to learn.

By the way, you must have me mistaken with someone else that you sent the yarn to. :-)

Thanks Gerald! Nothing fancy in this bunch. Just wanted to get some done first. Maybe I can find a few projects quick and fun to do next. :-) *hugs*

Thanks Ariannah! I like how the colors pooled. I also learned to knit Continental with that one. :-)

Knit Picking said...

I really like the colors on the completed hat. Real nice!

Jason said...

Thanks Knit Picking! :-)

Celtic Knitter said...

Oh awesome! Congrats on all the great knitting! Looks warm and cozy!! I love that Softee Chunky!!!

Jason said...

Hey Matthew! Thanks! I hear that you are going to try socks? :-)