Friday, March 31, 2006

Excuse to add to stash?

Just had a thought! This baby aran pullover thing might just make my yarn stash grow! I can see a couple of more yarn I'll have to try before getting the gauge right.

Look what I found! Someone knitted this sweater. Check out JenLa. Scroll down to see it. She used fingering weight! Ah ha! Gerald, you are right!


Dave Daniels said...

You MUST get more yarn. And you also need two sets of every needle. It's required, and there are no excuses. (No, even no money is no excuse. You MUST find a way.) Then, when you are ready, you will have everything. It's in the cards.

Jason said...

Dave, you little devil! LOL

gerald said...

Wait...he's right!
You must get more yarn. I'll send you some if you need it, Jason!

Why stop at two sets of every needle size? It all depends on your projects. I've probably got 4 sets of circular needles of the same size because of mutiple projects!

Jason said...

Thanks Gerald! I think I have enough yarn at the moment. Well... other than the baby yarn. But I also got that covered (fingers crossed.) They are on the way. I'll keep you in mind if I ever run into troulbes though. :-) Are you involved with a yarn store?

I am also acquiring more needles as I take on more projects. I am sure I'll add a few more in my collection when the new classes start. Fair Isle tomorrow! Yay!