Thursday, March 23, 2006

Learn-to-Knit-Afghan on the needles

I've started the first square of the afghan. I'm actually further along on the process, but Blogger has been up and down that I wasn't able to post this picture earlier.

The first two squares are simple stripes. First one with garter stitch and the second with stockinette stitch. Quite boring... eh, meditative. It will start getting interesting from third square on, beginning with basketweave. I will post a picture with each completed square.

I am a little worried about the assembly of the squares. I don't know how! There are a lot of suggestions in the book but without details. Sew? Crochet borders? Knitted borders? I hope I have a book around somewhere on this subject.


Dave Daniels said...

I'm still loving those colors. It'll be interesting to see how you progress.
If you need help with the assembly, Jerry is great at that, he did an Aran afghan recently. He may have tips for you.

Celtic Knitter said...

Yeah, Jerry is good at that. I suck at that.

I love the colours too. Did you choose them or was it suggested in the pattern?

Jason said...

Dave & Matt,

I am still loving these colors too. I really do. I just hope they'll look good together later. I used the colors in our living room to pick out the yarn. The living room looks good. Will the afghan look as good? We'll see. The book suggests two light colors and two dark colors. No specifics. Winter Night and Fern will be my main colors. Carrot and Wheat my secondary colors. Not really going for the dark and light contrast here. Hope these colors play well together in the patterns.

I'll keep Jerry in mind. I got some time to prepare myself for this. LOL


Mine is going to be large. 63 squares total. It's a learn to knit book. Each square is a different technique. I got the book and yarn last year, but got busy with hats and socks. I can't belive that I didn't start this project sooner. The yarn is KnitPicks'. I am liking it more and more. Have you started using yours?

I don't know how to crochet. But I'll have to learn somehow. I guess I'll have some time with 63 squares to knit? :-)

Kenny said...

What yarn are you using? Wool? Cotton?

Jason said...

Kenny, I'm using KnitPicks' Wool of the Andes. 100% Peruvian Highland Wool.