Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mosaic Knitting

I have to stop browsing online for knitting books. I want this one too! ARRRRRGH!


Dave Daniels said...

I have the same problem. What's worse is going to the local book shop and finding a great book, only to find out that I could have saved over $13 by buying it from Knit Picks. Inspired Cable Knits
by Fiona Ellis is a great book, and there are some men's patterns in it.

Celtic Knitter said...

Now that's a book I could get into!

Jason said...

Dave, I had already ordered "Inspired Cable Knits". LOL I need to slow down on the books and get some more yarn! But maybe just a few more purchases... LOL

Matthew, don't those patterns look delicious? I'll have to practice more color knitting though. Fair Isle class is this coming Sunday. I can't wait!