Friday, March 10, 2006

Toe Jazz - one down, one to go

The left sock is done! I really like it. It fits! I slipped a stitch while grafting the toe section. I thought I had picked it back up safely, but in fact it dropped one row down. I had to go in when weaving in the end yarn to try to tidy it up a bit. I really like the cable twists. Really cool!

I did an Old Norwegian Cast-On on two needles. I believe it is strechier than the Long-Tail Cast-On. At least that's what I read somewhere. It does seem to be true here. It was also the first time for me to add stitches with backward-loop cast-on when dividing the big toe from the rest. Knitting with this cast-on was not fun!

The pattern only gives instructions on one size which is for average adult feet. Guess I'm average?? :-)

Now on to the right sock!

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