Monday, March 20, 2006

New Knitting Class Schedule

My LYS posted their Spring 2006 class schedule. They heard our request for a Fair Isle class. Yay! But only one two-hour class? Can it be done? Will we be making something useable?

There's also a Two Socks At Once class! Hey, we were just talking about this on Dave's blog. They are teaching the method of using two circs or one very long circ. One long circ? Is this what Jonathan was doing? I like the sound of that. I just might have to take the class!

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Dave Daniels said...

I like the two pairs of DPNs. Something about using one long circ, it just scares me. One slip and someone could lose an eye. Doesn't sound safe, no, not at all...
That's cool about the intarsia class. Wish they had stuff like that here.