Thursday, April 06, 2006


Not much knitting done lately. I didn't start another afghan square. But I intend to later today. I did start knitting Origami. Not much to show. Only about 1.75" on the back yoke. The guage is still a little off. But after knitting for a few rows the measurement doesn't seem to be off that much.

Two Socks at Once class starts tomorrow! Yay! The store is suppose to order the super long 60" Size 1 Addi Turbo for every student (not free.) I hope they get them in time for the class. Nobody wants to use two needles. We don't want dangling needle points! I'm really curious to see how the cast-on is done. That's the part I can't visualize in my mind. Oh, by the way, the Kathy Hinckley that I found on the Internet turned out to be THE Kathy Hinckley that's teaching the knitting classes. She freaked a little bit when I told her all the facts I knew about her. LOL Hey, she put all that info on the web. Not me. :-) She's also a Tarot reader. How nice!

Since I don't have much to show in pictures, I'm leaving you this nice photo of our orchids. They are in bloom!


jessica~ said...

Wow! Stunning orchids!

Dave Daniels said...

It'll be interesting to see what you think about the two socks at once. I've tried that from a book, and seen the video, but I prefer my little 5" DPNs.
Beautiful orchids!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful orchids, cymbidiums I think. What did you think of the Fair Isle class?


Jason said...

Thanks Jessica! I really don't know why they do so well. No special care given here. LOL

Hi Dave, I am going to take pictures of the process. LOL If it really works out, I am going to love sock knitting even more! It will be much easier to carry one circular needle around.

Hey Kerry, I am really glad that I took the class even though it was a bit frustrating. Learning continental knitting and Fair Isle at the same time wasn't easy. :-) But I think I got the priciples and I am really looking forward to knitting a project. Maybe a hat? I think that's not too much for a first. Isn't knitting great? There's always something new. :-)