Friday, April 07, 2006

Old Hats!

Here are a couple of hats that I knitted before I got into socks. The one on the right is a London Beanie. Pattern found on the web and knitted with Manos del Uruguay. On the left is an Aran Watch Cap. Pattern from the book "Hats On!" by Charlene Schurch, knitted with Plymouth Encore Worsted. Both belong to my partner now. The beanie gets a lot of use, and the green one only gets worn when it's extremely cold. I plan to knit another Aran Watch Cap for myself but with KnitPicks natural color wool yarn, and making the length shorter.

Charlene Schurch teaches a unique tubular cast-on in the book. I think it's designed especially for circular knitting. It requires a crocheted chain and takes a few rows to set up. But the result is very nice!

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Jason said...

Hey Charles! Thanks. :-) Socks are not hard. Just get a simple pattern with clear instructions for the first time. I used "Beginner's Lightweight Socks" from Knitting Pure & Simple. I got it for a sock class. It's really easy to understand.

I've only knitted top-down, so I don't really have an opinion on toe-up. I've heard some said it's difficult. But some of the fancy socks are done that way. So, eventually I'll try it.