Monday, April 24, 2006

LTKA Square Six

Twisted and Crossed Ribbing
New techniques: k-b (knit in back loop) and p-b (purl in back loop)

It was nice to take a breather from sock knitting and finish another square for the afghan. We won't be meeting for the last class until 5/5. So I put down the socks, launched iTunes on my Mac, played knitting podcasts and music and knitted up the sixth square.

It wasn't the first time I tried k-b and p-b, but I sure got a lot of practice with this square. Awkward at first, especially p-b. But I eventually found a good angle to insert the needle through the back loop. Knitting this way causes the stitches to be twisted and looking tight.

From bottom up in the photo, the first section of ribbing is called Twisted Ribbing. The next is Crossed Ribbing. Twisted Ribbing looks tight and sharp-edged. The Crossed Ribbing has a rounder look and not as tight. But both are tighter than plain ribbing. Good alternatives.


Kerry said...

An interesting piece, Jason. Does the k-b produce one type of ribbing and p-b the other, or are they both involved in each ribbing?

Celtic Knitter said...

Oh, interesting pattern. I've done that before by accident when I've lost count of my ribbing pattern.