Sunday, April 23, 2006

Last Friday

Several people didn't show for the sock class last Friday. Couple of ladies just didn't show. Annette was taking her husband out to a play. Without her it was a bit quiet. It was also quiet because everybody was either working on picking up stitches or heel turns. Serious stuff. I managed to do only five or six rounds of knitting after picking up stitches. I couldn't believe it. Two hours just went by in a flash.

I had a hard time understanding the sequence of picking up stitches for the gusset. I even missed a few and had to break out the DPN to fix the problem. I think the trouble was that there was very little time to visualize it. I have to understand how things work. I get frustrated if I am only following instructions. But it all came to me while driving home. I had to think in terms of knitting only one sock to see how it flows. Then add another sock in the picture. It's really hard to describe with words. I think I am going to create an illustration. I know others were also having problems understanding it just from verbal instructions. Maybe a picture will help.

I am really enjoying knitting two socks on one circular needle. I'm finding out the best ways to hold the knitting at different points. It is starting to flow smoothly. I'm also excited to learn knitting without a pattern. It's not as scary as I thought! I can also see the possibility of modifying a pattern to knit two on one circ. It shouldn't be that difficult, right? Well, I haven't tried yet. Who knows!

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