Wednesday, April 26, 2006

LTKA Square Seven

Garter and Rib Pattern
Techniques: k, p, k-b, p-b

Finished this square last night. It required the most stitches by far. 49 x 56. It was a joy to knit. Needed a lot of attention. At first it seemed a little too wide compared to the other squares. But the k-b and p-b stitches pulled the fabric in quite a bit after 4 or 5 rows. Phew!

Notes to myself: 1) Listening to podcasts, especially the funny ones, and learning a new stitch pattern at the same time can spell disaster. 2) Pay attention to a new stitch technique. See every step and every twist and turn. That knowledge will be needed when undoing stitches one by one. 3) Make sure to use the right color for each square! I realized that I used the wrong color for the this square and the last square. ARRGGHHH!!! I will have to remember to change the colors for two of the future squares so that I won't risk running out of any color.

Here's another shot of the square that shows the texture better.

Next square is named Rose Fabric. Two colors will be used. I can't wait. But this needs to be interrupted momentarily so I can finish the feet of the socks before the class next week. I'm a Virgo. Just want to get them done so I won't worry about it. You can see them in the photos. They are never too far away! I also want to do a couple of small experiments that I've been wanting to get to. I will post on them!

Oh! Almost forgot! There's a Knit-Along for Learn to Knit Afghan. Check out this Yahoo Group, Square-A-long.


Jason said...

Thanks Charles! I don't listen to music very often. My partner always has something on when he's here. Sometimes I'll get some time to listen to podcasts and some music when I knit alone. He also buys music on iTune Store all the time, so we are OK here. Thanks for the offer though. Oh, we have eclectic taste in music.

I think I got the catalog somewhere. I look at their website all the time though. :-)

aija said...

Cool, I was *just* thinking about looking up a book on afghans or knitted squares to make my own throw. Thanks for the inspiration (great square, too!)...

Jason said...

Thanks Quikeye! If you are curious to see what squares are in the book, here's a link to someone's 63 sqaures:

By the way, I really enjoy your blog. You are a yarn guru. :-) And your knitting is just beautiful!!! And I had to get a back issue of Knitter's magazine just for that A Step Above Socks pattern that you are working on! :-)