Thursday, April 06, 2006

Is there life out there?

Wanna help search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence? Join SETI@home! I have forgotten all about this cool research at Berkeley until they sent me an email today. This is a project that asks people at home to help process radio telescope data to find indicators of other intelligence out there. There's even a team "SetiKnitters" that you can join. Well, only two members at the moment. So if you do help out, join the team. If you don't want to find E.T., there are other scientific researches that you can help out. Like processing data to find cures for human diseases. You just let your computer help out with the data while you are busy doing something else. Like knitting. :-) Check it out!

Phew! Does this sound like advertisement? LOL I just think this is cool. That's all.

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Andy's Crafts said...

Someone out there will wonder that when they look back at Sol . The star of our solar system. I think thatgiven the diversity on this sphere, seen and unseen, thre must be life out there as well.