Sunday, April 02, 2006

LTKA Square Five

Square Five, Diagonal Ribbing

I really like the way this stitch pattern looks. It's also quick and easy. Uses a lot of yardage though. It needs to be stretched out wider when blocking so the purl stitches show.

Next square, Twisted and Crossed Ribbing. In the photo above you can also see a picture of Origami. I decided to knit this first instead of the Aran Pullover. Colors will be completely different. Let's hope I have better luck with yarn choices on this. Also need to get buttons and sewing kit. Sewing. Yikes!


Celtic Knitter said...

I'm really liking these squares!! What is the stitch pattern for that one???

Where is the pattern for this afghan??

Jason said...

Matthew, the stitch pattern is Diagnoal Ribbing from the book "Learn-to-Knit Afghan Book" by Barbara Walker. The whole book is the afghan project. 63 squares to knit.

Agnes said...

Wow you're fast! I like this one too ... maybe even be good for socks ... just thinking. :)

gerald said...

I like this square!

I also like the origami sweater. Where did you find that pattern?

I've picked up my LTKA book and have been reading it. Have you learned to knit continental? That's how I learned to knit, so I'm skimming the instructions. The ideal of the afghan is great...I'm considering the yarn to use. How much yarn did you get to make the afghan?

Oh, how was your Fair Isle class?

Anonymous said...

Your square looks great, I've never seen diagonal ribbing. At this rate the 63 squares will be finished before too long.


Jason said...

Hey Agnes! I rolled the square into a tube. Looks good! Will you be writting a pattern for this? :-)

Gerald, Origami is in Vogue Knitting On The Go, Baby Knits Two. The Fair Isle class was interesting. The teacher was late so we lost some time there. It was quite frustrating since I only knit English style. Kathy had all of us hold the yarns in two hands. So we all had to learn Fair Isle PLUS Continental Knitting. The knitting was so tight and I am still not completely sure how to carry the yarn. But experience was great. I feel very excited to start something. Maybe a hat?

Oh, for the afghan I got 53 balls of KnitPicks' Wool of the Andes. 16 each of the light colors, 7 each of the dark colors, 7 of the contrast color for assembling the squares together.

Kerry, I may have to slow down on the afghan to do the baby stuff. Want to finish them before they get too big. :-)

Anonymous said...

Jason, there is a video I have seen of Alice Starmore teaching the yarn in two hands technique. You may be able to find it. It seems very akward at first, but it soon feels quite natural.


Jason said...

Hi Kerry, I'll do a search for the video. I hope it's not as difficult as finding some of her books. I've got a couple of her books. Maybe she goes into showing the techniques? I have to dig them out. I do have a couple of books just on fair isle. It's time to get those out too. I was practicing over and over last night. I think I can pick the yarn and make a new loop smoothly now. But the whole process is still awkward.