Friday, April 21, 2006

There are Heels and Flaps

I am so ready for the class today!

The heel flaps and turns were done last night. I want to start on picking up stitches right away when I get to class this evening. There is no noticeable change of behavior of the colors on the heels. I guess that's good? But I feel kind of disappointed. I tried different ways of slipping the first stitch on each row of the heel flaps. Looking for the best way to create a neat edge for easy stitch pickup. What I really wanted to do was to recreate what I learned in my first sock class. But darn, I couldn't figure it out until the flaps were almost finished. What I should've done was:

WS, sl 1 k-wise with yarn in back, then purl across. RS, sl 1 p-wise with yarn in front, then knit across.

This creates little bumps (or pearls) on the sides, making it easy to see and pickup sititches. Oh well, next time.


Dave Daniels said...

Hmmm, thanks for making that mistake. Now I'm going to have to pay attention on the next socks to see how I am doing it.
The colors are still fantastic on those.

Celtic Knitter said...

Whoa . . . what colour!! These are awesome! I would say that you are more than ready!!

Ted said...

The other way to work the edge stitches is like this:

Right side rows: slip 1, work to last stitch, slip last stitch.
Wrong side rows: purl.

Essentially the same effect as you already get, but with a slight difference which I'll let you figure out. :-)

You can slip knitwise or purlwise. One way will twist the stitches, the other won't. Experiment and see which you prefer.

When it comes time to knit up the gusset stitches, knit up 1 stitch per slipped stitch. Go under both sides of the slipped stitch, and the slipped stitch will be turned to the inside of the fabric. (Try it and you'll see what I mean.)

Beautiful colours; you'll have happy feet!

Jason said...

Thanks for the tip Ted! I'm going to have a great time experimenting. :-)