Monday, April 03, 2006

Felted finally!

If you missed my previous post on this Entrelac Tote, no, I didn't knit this magically. I finished the knitting part in February but never got to felting it. I visited my sister last Saturday and used her washer for the felting. She's got a better machine you know (she sells them.) I trust her machine. LOL This being my first felted project created lots of excitement. All of us couldn't believe what came out of it. During the wash I checked in periodically to make sure it was OK. It was still gigantic when soaking wet. But after the spin cycle it just magically shrank to the right size! (OK, it's not magic.) Phew!

I really like how it turned out. It even looks nice lying flat. I won't be carrying this around on my shoulder though. (Can you imagine that?) This will be my knitting bag for the house. Large enough to put everything needed for everyday knitting.

Pattern: KnitPicks' Felted Entrelac Tote
Yarn: KnitPicks' Wool of the Andes


Agnes said...

Oh this is lovely! I haven't done very well in felting and I can only use a coin machine, so I am not very enthusiastic in this. But yours is really cute.

Dave Daniels said...

I agree, the bag turned out so great! You'd never know by looking at the freshly-knitted version how well it would turn out. Gives me courage to try it. (Like Ann, I use the laundromat, so...) It fits all your afghan squares nicely.

Diane said...

I love the colors you used for this bag. It came out wonderful. I've only felted with Noro up to this point so it's nice to see that Knitpick's wool of the andes felts well too (can't beat the price for that stuff! followed by: like I really need more yarn LOL).

Anonymous said...

Jason, your bag looks great. I've yet to try felting.


Jason said...

Thank you all! :-)

Agnes & Dave, we should have a felting party at my sister's!

Charles, that's actually our neighbor's unit. This is a courtyard that five of us share.

Diane, there's never enough yarn! There's always a project that's needing something that's not in our stash! :-)

Kerry, felting is fun! Of course I'm saying that now because it didn't fail. LOL

Celtic Knitter said...

It's an awesome bag!!! The colours and the pattern are so neat! Is that your house in the background??? It's like you live in some kind of model home . . . I feel like I'm looking in the pages of Martha Stewart magazine or something.

Why not carry it on your shoulder??!!

Jason said...

Matthew, that's my neighbor's unit. This is a courtyard that five of us share. Anyone wants to come and knit around when the weather turns warm? :-)

I can't see myself carrying this around. I may do a different bag for outings. Probably more rectangular than round.

Jay said...

Ooh, I love it... beautiful. Very watercolour-ish. Think Monet meets knitting fashion!